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Machine Development Company (MDC) provides assistance to your team, engineered product, project, or technical problem.


MDC provides you the technical expertise and knowledge of our engineering staff and saves you money by carrying our own overhead so that you donít have to.† Whether you have a good surge in demand, are looking for specialty assistance, or donít have an engineer on staff we are here to help you meet your needs.

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Machine Development Co. design and engineering staff also networks with some of the most creative, and efficient Engineers of all disciplines, other technical persons, fabricators, and manufacturers around the country and around the world to help generate solid solutions for you.


Though we are not a fabricator, we team up with some of the best manufacturers, fabricators, and machine shops.† We generate thoughtful solutions because we have fabricated and field fit equipment and machinery ourselves.


Development Co.


Machine Development Co. staff background is in the design and manufacturing of mobile and manufacturing production equipment as well as other machinery and welded structures. We offer a variety of engineering services from machine and equipment design and development, process selection, drafting support, and field engineering services to parts and operation manuals for equipment, end user support and other "soft side" services such as estimating and analysis of products and markets.†


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Machine Development Co.† Is a division of HIStandard Inc.