Design Services


Good engineering design comes from engineers who have operated, built, and repaired machines and equipment.


We design in steel, stainless, aluminum, plastics, rubber, polyurethane, woods, concrete, and other materials to meet your needs.


We design mobile and stationary equipment. We design modifications and upgrades to your existing machinery.


Need to move 1,000 tons at 40 mph? Want to double the capacity of your existing machinery? Want to economize the design of an existing product? Want to increase the life of a part? Want to develop or improve a process? We can help you design a solution so that it can-be-built and is friendly to the operator.


With our design-for-manufacturing experience we look for opportunities to leverage your project for excellent value. That means professional engineering, smart selection of components and manufacturing methods, and emphasis of incorporating commercially available materials.


Whether your machine/equipment/part is 5 lbs or 3,000 tons we love a good challenge and look forward to designing machinery, equipment, and solutions for you.




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