Heavy Lift and Transport Solutions


We excel at figuring out how to lift it, tie it down, and move it. If it is 60' high or weighs 1,000 tons, or needs to get over shallow water our engineering staff will certify a solution for you.


Our staff have worked with manufacturers, movers, and end users to move literally mountains of raw materials, mammoth machinery, created huge rolling machinery and self propelled vehicles, even designed container ship launch ways.


With this know-how we will help you get it moved, find you a responsible heavy lift mover or equipment for moving, help you design your own transport machinery, what ever the job takes.


Your underwriter or surveyor will have confidence when they see that your lifting and lashing designs are certified by our Professional Engineering staff.


Large thin shell, large dense loads, high value cargo, cargo sensitive to vibrations, heavy machinery that you tram all of the time: our staff will help you develop new solutions to your problems because we have probably seen your problem before.




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