Machine Development Co.

Design layout calculations Photo of automated lifting machine Engineering calculation of beam stresses and deflections in RISA-3D FEA of machine frame analysis showing von-mises equivalent stress gradient CAD drawing of structural detailing in AutoCAD Photo of weld design engineering and frame optimization of mining equipment CAD drawing of stationary machinery general arrangement in 2D AutoCAD Photo of weldment designed for transport machinery CAD drawing of schematic for hydraulic design of vehicle propel circuit Photo of hydraulic two variable displacement piston pumps from design of vehicle propel circuit

Machine Design Services & Engineering Analysis

~ We work on projects all around the world ~

We work in a modest office space, keep a low carbon footprint, are located in the rural
Pacific Northwest, and we have corresponding low overhead and low hourly billing rates for professional engineering and design.

Design, Analysis & Services - Rates & Fees

Design, Analysis & Services - Rates & Fees:

Design and Engineering - Senior Engineer $85/hour.

Design - Senior Designer $72/hour.

Fees: Typically at cost plus 10% for G & A .

Higher rates and fees may apply and will be agreed to in writing in advance.