Machinery Selection


MDC is available to assist you in selecting the component to your system or machine that will help you gain and keep your edge.


Engineering does not involve reinventing the wheel.  Inventiveness is its own art. 


Manufacturers around the world are always looking to expand their product offerings and we leverage that for you.  Maybe the item we need is already built in Germany or New York.  We will help you determine if they have the ‘stuff’ to be incorporated into your machine or process.


MDC staff use our extensive networking to quickly burrow through and find the right partners for our needs.  This may be a special bearing manufacturer, a special hydraulic manufacturer, or a specialty metal mill to provide a particular shape size and grade of stainless steel. 


Knowing who can do what and do it well saves you time and money.  Make MDC your first call so that we can help you cut to the chase.  Then we bring you value on top of value.





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